Natural & Organic Product Brokers

Bringing the best natural health & beauty products to store shelves

How We Can Help You?

Batterton Brokerage has over 25 years of experience promoting natural products. Our services include sales, merchandising, product placement, product education, and market consulting. Each of our sales representatives has years of experience working in the natural products industry, and our merchandising team is known to be the best in the industry.


Our success can be attributed to excellent service, innovative marketing strategies, an experienced and dedicated sales team and maintaining a small and selective client base, we are committed to satisfying our retail customers in every way possible by providing top quality service, consistent store visits, aggressive promotions and high quality product demonstrations.

  • Sales

    We pride ourselves in serving the Natural Channel for over 25 years. Our experience has taught us there is simply no substitute for good relationships based on open communication and trust.

  • Marketing

    Innovative & targeted marketing strategies are key to growing your business, our team provides locally focused marketing strategies to help you do just that.

  • Merchandising and Product Placement

    Maximizing eye level placements and making sure you know what is happening on the ground level, through price and promotional audits, are all essential to your success - we can help.

  • Product Education

    Making sure store level staff know about your products is important. Our team has a wealth of knowledge, and will help you educate store level staff which means increased sales.